Volunteer Firefighter Retirement Forms

If you are considering retiring, PERA requests that you submit the following documents to us at least sixty (60) calendar days in advance of your anticipated retirement date. Please review the Volunteer Firefighter (VF) Retirement Guidance below for more information on the VF retirement process.

  • Forms
    • Application for Volunteer Firefighter Pension

      To be filled out when applying for Volunteer Firefighter pension.

      Download Form

      PERA Direct Deposit Authorization Form

      To be used by the retiring member to have their pension benefit automatically direct deposited into a designated bank account.

      Download Form

      PERA Tax Deduction Form

      To be used by the retiring member to instruct PERA about taxes to be deducted from the retiree's pension check.

      Download Form
  • Kits
    • PERA Volunteer Firefighter Retirement Kit

      Instructions detailing the Volunteer Firefighter Retirement Process.

      Download Kit
  • Handbooks
    • PERA Volunteer Firefighter Brochure

      An overview of the Volunteer Firefighter Retirement Program

      Download Handbook