Volunteer Firefighter Annual Report Guidance

Current Volunteer Firefighter Department (VFD) reporting rules require all VFD Chiefs to ensure that each calendar year qualification information for VFD members is received by PERA in hard copy and electronic copy format beginning January 1st but no later than March 31st of the following calendar year.

Hard copy reports can be emailed and/or mailed via U.S. Postal Service, UPS, or FedEx by March 31st of each calendar year.

PERA suggests that you keep copies of every form and every form of identification for your department’s records in the case of an audit conducted by the State Fire Marshal’s Office.

To attend a 2024 Volunteer Firefighter Annual Reporting Seminar, visit: https://www.nmpera.org/news-ev...

Please use the following forms to complete the annual reporting process for your department: