Plan Information - Tier 2

Coverage PlanEmployee Contribution PercentageEmployer Contribution PercentagePension Factors per Year of ServicePension Maximum as a Percentage of the Final Average Salary
Annual Salary $20,000 or lessAnnual Salary greater than $20,000
State Plan 37.42%9.42%17.74%2.5%90%

Municipal Plan 1 (plan open to new employers)7.00%8.50%7.65%2.0%90%
Municipal Plan 2 (plan open to new employers)9.15%10.65%9.80%2.0%90%
Municipal Plan 3 (plan closed to new employers 6/95)13.15%14.65%9.80%2.5%90%
Municipal Plan 4 (plan closed to new employers 6/00)15.65%17.15%12.30%2.5%90%

Municipal Police Plan 17.00%8.50%10.65%2.0%90%
Municipal Police Plan 27.00%8.50%15.65%2.0%90%
Municipal Police Plan 37.00%8.50%19.15%2.0%90%
Municipal Police Plan 412.35%13.85%19.15%2.5%90%
Municipal Police Plan 516.30%17.80%19.15%3.0%90%

Municipal Fire Plan 18.00%9.50%11.65%2.0%90%
Municipal Fire Plan 28.00%9.50%18.15%2.0%90%
Municipal Fire Plan 38.00%9.50%21.90%2.0%90%
Municipal Fire Plan 412.80%14.30%21.90%2.5%90%
Municipal Fire Plan 516.20%17.70%21.90%3.0%90%

Municipal Detention Officer Plan 1*16.65%18.15%17.30%3.0%90%

State Police and Adult Correctional Officer Plan 1*7.60%9.10%25.50%3.0%90%
State Plan 3 - Peace Officer7.42%8.92%17.24%3.0%90%
Juvenile Correctional Officer Plan 24.78%6.28%26.37%3.0%90%