Public Records Request

Inspection of Public Records Act as it applies to the Public Employees Retirement Association of New Mexico.

Any person requesting to inspect public records may submit an IPRA request to the PERA Records Custodian following all proper procedures as defined in the New Mexico Inspection of Public Records Act. All IPRA requests shall comply with the statutes specified in the act to be considered a valid IPRA request.

Please be advised that the majority of PERA’s member records are privileged or otherwise protected pursuant to NMSA 1978, section 10-11-130 (I) (2005) which states:

Neither the retirement board nor the association shall allow public inspection of, or disclosure of, information from any member or retiree file unless a prior release and consent, in the form prescribed by the association, has been executed by the member or retiree; except that applicable coverage plans, amounts of retirement plan contributions made by members and affiliated public employers, pension amounts paid, and the names and addresses of public employees retirement association members or retirees requested for election purposes by candidates for election to the retirement board may be produced or disclosed without release or consent.

In order to inspect a members file you must gain written notarized consent from the member prior to requesting any information through the IPRA act.

Please note that when requesting other information that NM PERA is not subject to create reports or documentation that is not otherwise kept in the records program. NM PERA follows all regulations as defined by the New Mexico State Records Administrator, and the New Mexico Attorney General. For further information please consult the full guidelines on requesting public information .

To request public records please contact:

PERA Public Records Request
33 Plaza La Prensa
Santa Fe, NM 87507