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Contact Us

Santa Fe Office

33 Plaza La Prensa
Santa Fe, NM 87507

Phone: (505) 476-9300
Fax: (505) 954-0370

Albuquerque Office

6300 Jefferson St. NE
Albuquerque, NM 87109

Phone: (505) 383-6550
Fax: (505) 883-4573

Toll-Free: 1 (800) 342-3422

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For questions concerning the Self Service website contact:

For questions about Deaths and Disabilities contact: PERA-death&

For customer service inquiries or to request training in the Albuquerque Metro Area contact:

To request an informational seminar in your area or for questions concerning member training contact:

Media Inquiries

For media inquiries contact Christina Perea: