PERA SmartSave Deferred Compensation Forms

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  • Forms
    • Enrollment Form

      Enroll in the Plan!

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      Increase Contribution Form

      For those who wish to change their contribution amount.

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      Distribution Form for Installment Payments

      For those who wish to set up monthly, quarterly, annual or semi-annual payments.

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  • Kits
    • Distribution Form for Partial Distributions or Rollovers

      For those who have retired or terminated employment and wish to receive payments from their PERA SmartSave account.

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      Termination Guide

      Provides helpful information for soon-to-be retirees or those who recently terminated employment.

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  • Handbooks
    • Enrollment Guide and Plan Information

      The Enrollment Guide has everything you need to know about the PERA SmartSave Plan.

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