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New Mexico PERA Announces New Logo and Tagline

You may have noticed that the most recent issue of PERA’s La Voz had a new look. This past summer, the PERA Board and Staff adopted a new logo and tagline.

The new logo is an evolution of the previous yucca logo, which is inspired by natural New Mexico native plant life. It’s designed to look like a nest egg – a fragile, yet protective nature of saving for the future. The mark is influenced by New Mexico sunflowers and the sun itself, both nurturing symbols for growth.

The tagline, Invested In Tomorrow, reinforces the nest egg symbol. It’s a reminder of the long-range retirement goals that PERA has for its members.

Along with the new PERA logo, the New Mexico Deferred Compensation Plan also received a makeover. The PERA Board and Staff in September 2015 officially adopted a new title and sister logo for the 457(b) plan. (This is the same supplemental retirement plan that Nationwide administers for PERA.)

The new title and logo for the deferred compensation plan is designed to communicate that the 457(b) plan is a PERA-managed plan. It reminds PERA members that they’re making a “smart” decision about their future retirement savings.

At PERA, our mission is simple – we’re here to make the best future for each and every member. This inspires us to manage and build our investment so all members receive a stable retirement benefit for their lifetime.

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