Board Elections

2018 PERA Board Election

Automated Election Services (“AES”) verified the candidates for the 2018 PERA Board election. The PERA Board accepted AES’s nominating petition counts on April 26, 2018.

State Position

The candidates for the State position are:

Municipal Position

Lawrence Davis, City of Albuquerque, submitted more than the required 150 valid nominations necessary to be an eligible candidate for the PERA Board Municipal Member position. AES verified that there were no other candidates for the PERA Board Municipal Member position who met the requirement to have a minimum of 150 valid nominations. PERA Rule NMAC states that if only one person is nominated for a non-retired Board member position, the election shall be cancelled and that person will automatically be declared the winner for the position. As a result, the PERA Board cancelled the Municipal Member position election for 2018 and declared Mr. Davis the winner. Mr. Davis will start his term of office in January 2019.


AES will mail out ballots to eligible members on August 10, 2018. Ballots must be received by the Rio Rancho Post Office by noon on September 14, 2018 to be counted. Ballots received after this date are invalid and will not count toward the election results. Please make sure you vote early so your vote will count.

Please note PERA retirees will not receive a ballot because there is no Retiree position up for election this year.

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